Source localization software for EEG analysis

SOURCERER is an intuitive and accessible source localization software with high resolution atlas models. As part of the Geodesic EEG Ecosystem, SOURCERER provides incredible visual analysis of brain activity, and is compatible with the BEL EEG System One, as well as other MFF and EDF files. SOURCERER is managed and optimized by FLOW, the first database and informatics platform for EEG and ERP workflows.

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SOURCERER is a faster and easier EEG source analysis software toolset that enables every EEG researcher to quickly localize EEG activity at its source, in the brain.

SOURCERER utilizes the FLOW informatics platform for greater computational speeds and easy workflow management. Modern software architecture and data science technology power EEG, ERP and TES applications in the human neuroscience laboratory.
One platform, one copy of data, multiple workflows.


Powerful Database
Structured data science platform, providing a secure database, user authentication, audit functions, queries, storage, views of analytic workflows, status and reporting
Efficient Workflow
Scripting, linking technology and Docker containers support the scheduling of analytic worfklows with various data types to execute reliably for scientific rigor and reproducibility
Machine Learning
High performance computation including permutation resampling statistics and machine learning classification applied efficiently and reliably
Integrates the most powerful open source community tools for EEG, MEG, and ERP analysis, including a seamless link to Jupyter Notebooks 


FLOW is the first database and informatics platform for EEG and ERP workflows. SOURCERER brings cloud computing architecture to EEG source analysis with pre-computation efficiencies.

The publication of a new paper in the February 2021 edition of Clinical Neurophysiology: “Source localization of epileptic spikes using Multiple Sparse Priors”, by Mariano Fernandez-Corazza et al.outlines the use of a new methodology for source localization.  Read the entire publication here

All of the BEL products are developed under BEL's quality system to meet regulatory standards.  BEL products are not yet cleared as medical devices.